Prenatal Tips and Modifications

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Way to be a fit, healthy, mama that's continuing her yoga practice or just beginning to bring focus and breath to her body. You are going to do great! The benefits of your yoga practice can reach far beyond this moment as you prepare mentally and physically for giving birth and becoming a parent. You might think of your delivery as an event, like a race, that you train for, or a spiritual journey, as you bring life into the world. The physical practice of moving and stretching your body will help you tune into your body's wisdom. Breath and meditation will prepare you for all of the new sensations and challenges that await. 

As your body changes so will your physical needs and limitations. Use this guide to help you navigate modifications and options when something just doesn't feel right anymore. Some days you may just want to lay down on your mat and close your eyes -  thats ok! Take care of yourself and that beautiful life inside. 

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