Haley Brunelle

Haley began her yoga practice back in 2000 at the ONE yoga studio in Uptown, however, it wasn’t until she found CorePower, a heated room and a regular practice nine years later she was able to unveil the many benefits of the practice on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

With a regular practice she has cultivated more strength than she ever thought possible both inside and out helping her approach daily life stresses with grace and humility. 

Haley is inspired by the endless journey of self-discovery yoga provides by weaving together an environment allowing students to constantly question the inner workings of their mind and body. Haley invites and empowers students to create possibility in and all around them. Off the mat Haley works fulltime in the Design/Advertising industry, runs a nonprofit called EPIC (Engaging Philanthropy, Inspiring Creative) in the Twin cities, spends time with her therapy dog, Cirrus, and works everyday to create a life filled with new experience. Haley firmly believes the yoga philosophy stretches far beyond the mat and encourages her students to reach outside the physical benefits of the practice and be knowledge seekers on the journey to appreciate and reveal their truest and best self.

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