Mat Reviews - Hugger Mugger Urban Tapas

At Zappos: $57.56

Product Information:

Whether you take yoga classes in the city or the suburbs, this Hugger Mugger™ Tapas® Urban mat will keep working as hard as you do! Features a durable, sticky, non-slip surface. Anti-microbial with Zenz-in® treatment limits the growth of mold and mildew. No phthalates, PVC Cadmium or heavy-metal make-up. Made from PVC materials. Made from 100% recycled rubber mat.


72" Long x 1/4" Thick x 24" Wide


I really like the texture and look of this mat. It lays really flat on the floor and it's weight keeps it in place. The texture looks like a rock or and natural element and gives you a feeling of grounding and stability. Significant amount of cushion, perhaps too much for some people. The grip is fantastic, I made it about 70% into a CorePower C2 class without needing my yogitoes, and perhaps could have gone all the way if my core was stronger ;)


The smell, oh my. It's good for the environment, but the recycled rubber is INTENSE. You could get high off the fumes. I may have. There were complaints from my yogi neighbors in class. There is a 'break-in' period for a lot of these mats and the smell is supposed to go away but I don't know if I have the patience for that. I cleaned it with a mat wash, rinsed and dried, with no improvement. I think it will take a while. Also, it is quite big/heavy so if you're looking for something portable or for travel, this is not the mat for you.


Interesting look, great grip, SMELLY!