Blake Ortquist

I started my yoga in 2007 when one of my guy friends wanted a buddy to go to class with him. During that time I was transitioning into graduate school and was learning my anxiety I thought was "normal," wasn't.   After attending a few classes my ability to stay present in the moment with my anxiety, instead of unraveling in different environments was life changing. As my career and life continues to wind through various journeys, my yoga practice has been a constant center for me.

For me, anxiety has been a part of my life journey and yoga has provided me an outlet to explore how to be in the moment and let things go. Being able to teach has been a way to be present in anxious moments help other understand their own strength.

In 2010 I completed my first yoga teacher training and since then have been trained to teach Bikram, Sculpt, Kids, and Chair/Senior yoga styles. Being able to teach yoga part time has been the best coping skill I have learned to engage as I walk through my professional career as a mental health therapist. 

Catch me a couple times at Luminous Yoga this summer!  I also teach at Corepower and private sessions.